Artwork for episode Ep #16: L-DOPA (with Gus and Austin) on collaborative projects and a DIY ethos

Ep #16: L-DOPA (with Gus and Austin) on collaborative projects and a DIY ethos

Gus Burgess and Austin 'Dope' are the architects behind the "L-Dopa" brand and magazine. With the release of their inaugural edition, "The Fly Issue" in 2023, they've carved out a space to amplify the voices of talented creatives in their community.Beyond the allure of cool ideas and visionary concepts, Gus and Austin stress the importance of hard work to bring projects to life; recognizing that sometimes just a small per centage of the creative process lies in that initial spark.On the pod, Gus and Austin candidly share their journey, emphasizing the often-overlooked skills and administrative tasks that it’s vital to learn quickly when launching a new project.Gus is an artisan in his own right: creative direction, photography, editing, curation and branding. His philosophy encapsulates the essence of self-empowerment: "If you want something, you can create it yourself." The brand, an evolving fusion of fashion, style, and a DIY aesthetic, embodies their dynamic creative spirit.As we eagerly anticipate the next edition of "L-Dopa," the duo contemplates diverse mediums for their storytelling. Whether through another print magazine or innovative forms like unique objects or clothing, Gus and Austin embrace the endless possibilities of creative expression.To aspiring creatives, Gus and Austin offer straightforward advice: stop overthinking and start creating. Stay true to yourself, embrace your authenticity, and believe in the power of your unique voice.Instagram: @thepromisingcreativeTikTok: @thepromisingcreativeTwitter: @PrmisngCreativeGuest: @l_dopamagazine@gusburgess@dopesolitary